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Who We Are

SoloGen Systems is widely known throughout Boerne, TX and the surrounding areas as a clean energy development company that focuses on providing innovative low-carbon electricity to commercial, governmental, and utility customers. What do we do exactly? We create electricity from geothermal sources, using superheated water to turn turbines and create electricity for homes, businesses, government agencies, and more. Our team of professionals, with expertise in all different fields, works on the sites of abandoned oil and gas wells to turn super-heated water from underground into a reliable source of low-carbon energy.

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Who Makes Up Our Company

SoloGen Systems is comprised of three collaborating groups: management, partner companies, and institutional relationships. 

ManagementOur management team has decades of experience in the oil and gas as well as the geothermal and renewable energy industries. These members have backgrounds in petroleum engineering, oil and gas drilling and operations, renewable energy, finance, and sales and marketing. As a result, we operate with a lean, agile, cost-effective team that’s capable of moving quickly and efficiently.

Strategic Partner Companies – We’ve partnered with established energy industry service providers, manufacturers, professional services firms and mineral rights owners. These service providers allow our company to quickly ramp up our size on a timely basis and cost effectively implement SoloGen’s business plan.

Institutional Relationships – We’ve built strong relationships with multiple academic institutions to provide guidance in the areas of geology, engineering, renewable energy, and environmental issues.

The Management Team
Byron L. Buzzini, VP, Field Operations
Byron Buzzini is responsible for all aspects of field services. Well research with the railroad commission and private owners, geothermal well identification, selection, permitting and construction of physical plants, and commissioning of the resource are all included in Byron’s job description. A native of San Antonio, Texas, Byron and his family have extensive knowledge in all aspects of the petroleum industry, founding and operating Buzzini Drilling Company in 1931. The company remained a South Texas industry standard until the business was sold in 1984. 

Byron’s contribution encompasses an extensive background in sales, marketing, operations and contract negotiations. After earning a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of the Incarnate Word, Byron worked several years as a lobbyist for special interest groups in Austin, Texas. In 1998, he took a position with ABM Industries and was awarded the Class A portfolio for the entire south central region, managing that with an outstanding average growth of 20% per year for 6 years. 

He enjoys serving the community as a member of the San Antonio Livestock Exposition Youth Scholarship program and is active in the Boy Scouts of America. Byron has a son attending the San Antonio Academy.
Mike T. Mullady, VP, Solar
Mike Mullady’s focus is growing the solar business unit of SoloGen. Mike is a retired major in the US Air Force; after retiring from the Air Force, Mike entered the computer industry and secured several accounts such as RJR Nabisco, Turner Broadcasting and INPO (International Nuclear Power Operations). He established a new sales branch in San Antonio for Inacom Information Systems and was instrumental in acquiring a multi-year contract with USAA that projected the San Antonio Branch into the top-producing branch in the company in less than a year. Following his tenure at Inacom, Mike founded nGenius Telemedicine LLC. 

He retired in 2005 but decided in 2007 that he would rather work, so he entered the renewable energy field with Standard Renewable Energy Inc. as an energy efficiency consultant. His sales were consistently in the top 10% of the total company production. He is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha (USAF Bootstrap Program) majoring in mathematics and computer science and has a master’s degree in Financial Management from Central Michigan University. Mike and his wife have 10 grandchildren.
Mike Weinnig, VP, Business Development
Mike is responsible for SoloGen’s new business development, marketing, communications and investor relations. He has over 30 years of managerial, executive and board level experience in positions with P&L responsibilities. His expertise is in sales, business development, marketing, product development, call center operations, information technology and training.  

Prior to joining SoloGen, Mike has held management-level positions with global scope for IBM and Texas Instruments. He has also been a part of the founding executive team of entrepreneurial firms such as INFOMART, the world’s first information technology market center, a Trammel Crow family development and MaxServ, a technical support company that grew from $2 to $75 million in six years before being acquired by Sears, Roebuck & Company.  

In the mid-2000s, Mike became interested in the renewable energy market and established a business development and sales training consultancy for the burgeoning solar energy market in Central Texas. He has developed over a megawatt of solar energy projects during the past five years. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in marketing from Louisiana State University.
Austin R. Smith, VP, Information Technology
Austin Smith manages all internal and external information technology systems. A principal and founding member of Alamo Animation LLC, a boutique web development company specializing in graphic design, database driven content management systems, and web hosting, Austin has over 10 years’ experience managing servers, large-scale game development, and web development.

He is proficient in Microsoft Windows/Apple Macintosh/Linux Platforms for both server and desktop applications; coding in HTML, PHP, CSS, C-based languages, including C++ and objective-C; and basic and application software such as Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office products, LightWave, and MySQL database. Austin is a registered iOS (iPhone/iPad), Acknex, and Microsoft developer. Austin is a graduate of Western Governors University with a Bachelor of Science in information technology management. He is currently pursuing his MBA.
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